The NCS Sharing Economy Program

NCS sharing economy illustration.png

The NCS Sharing Economy program was initiated late 2016 based on agreement between operators in the Norwegian Oil & Gas Operations Executive Committee to elaborate areas for collaboration to maximise value and strengthen competitiveness of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). Actors in the industry acknowledged a common responsibility to maximise the profitability of production from the shelf. The project started in early 2017 under the name Market Place project and has now developed into a program called NCS Sharing Economy. 


The NCS Sharing Economy program has a total value potential conservatively estimated to approximately 3 BNOK annually, in addition to 8 BNOK in potential inventory reduction across NCS. The 2018 Konkraft report supports the program as one of the initiatives contributing to increased competitiveness on NCS. The current implementation phase of the program is a part of the operationalisation of recommendations from the report.